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 How to use our web
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  1. FAQ No.:Q20020107001
Question : How to add products into inquiry cart?
Answer : Find the products you want to inquiry. Click the check box after the products, or click "Select all " button ... (Details)
  2. FAQ No.:Q20020107002
Question : How to use our inquiry system online?
Answer : 1. Add the products into the inquiry cart. Click the button on the left or click the Inquiry item & click the Inquiry button. Then you can get into "Your inquiry cart" ... (Details)
  3. FAQ No.:Q20020108001
Question : How to download catalogue?
Answer : 1. Go to the Catalogue zone, click the catalogue you want to download or mail. You could know how long to download the catalogue by click "Please check download time". After that, click "Continue.." ... (Details)
  4. FAQ No.:Q20020108002
Question : How to use product search?
Answer : 1. First you can go to the Product Section to find out your favorite products. Check the box right of the Product Image. 2. Then Click "Add to cart" on the bottom of the page to add the products in ... (Details)
  5. FAQ No.:Q20020108003
Question : What's special matter in our product?
Answer : 1. There's a picture of product on the left hand, and an additional function menu on the right. Click the item, you will get understand more about the product ... (Details)
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